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Wool Fabrics

Wool Fabrics Exporter in Indonesia

Wool is included as one of the very expensive fabric and its is very famous epecially for people in cold climate region. Wool is made from the fibers of the hair or skin of animals, especially from Caprinae family like sheeps and goats. To produce the finest wool fleece, sometimes the breeders interbred them. Obviously the finer the wool produced, the more expensive it will be.

Wool fabric material is a quite heavy, it has to go through a quite difficult combing processes to produce high quality wool. The high quality wool created will be very warm and smooth. Wool has several advantages, which are fire resistant, durable, able to stretch up to 50% when wet and 30% when dry, has excellent moisture, and warm that make it suitable for cold climate area. Indotrading sells the various kinds of wools from reliable suppliers and distributors. Besides the cheap and affordable prices, quality products are guaranteed. Please contact our Supplier and distributor via Indotrading.com.

Wool Fabrics

Floor ClothWool Fabric

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