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Wood is part of the trunk, branches or twigs of plants which is formed by the accumulation of lignin and cellulose in the cell walls. While raw wood is wood that is presented in the form of intact trees and large sized. This type of wood is usually just cut and without going through any special processing. With it is still intact, this wood can be utilized for various needs, for example, it is commonly used as materials to make furnitures such as dining tables, dressing tables, chairs, cabinets and so on. 
For the processing, it needs experienced and professional person in terms of both engineering and production processes. Because processing raw wood will be bothersome if not handled by someone who experts in this field. But surely this kind of woods are very useful for us and for the beauty of our home furnishings. Get the raw wood at a low price just in Indotrading.com. In addition to cheap, our supplier and distributor sell products with good quality and reliable. Please visit the Indotrading.com to get their contact number. In Indotrading.com You can find the distributors, suppliers and agents who sell the quality raw wood products in Indonesia. In addition, you can obtain a low price offers by contacting distributors and suppliers directly through the contacts available in Indotrading.com.

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We have stocks for Gum Damar Ash ready to be shipped. This agro products can be used for painting factories and others.

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Jakarta , Jakarta Selatan

Dear,Mr. / Mrs.We Have "Fossil Agarwood" And Supply Of 20000 Kg. Type Of Fossil Goods Originating From Kalimantan, Indonesia. And This Stuff About Age 50 Years, And We Give The Best Price For The Best Goods Of Our $ 150 US / Kg. Discounts Will Apply If You Take All Of Our Supplies. We Are Ready To Offer You With The Best Quality And Price Of Agarwo

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Jawa Timur , Malang

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