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Textiles and Fabrics

Textiles are usually associated with fabrics. But they are different. Textile is all materials of yarn and the processing from raw materials until become finished products and ready to use. While fabric is woven yarn or semi-finished products that can be directly used or processed into more valuable products. The basic materials in the manufacture of textiles are animal textiles (raw materials from animals), plant textiles (raw materials from plants), mineral textiles (raw materials from mineral), synthetic textiles (raw material of artificial or synthetic material).

The processing of textiles is intended to improve, enhance, augment and optimizes the basic characteristics of the fiber so it can produce high quality textile products. Some of textile products are silk, cotton, nylon yarn, cotton yarn, silk yarn, woven fabric, knitted fabric, underwear, shirts, pants and so on. The existence of textiles products brings a lot of benefits for us. Do you want to make clothing or other craft? Order of textiles and fabrics products from suppliers and distributors Indotrading.com. Can buy in great or little amount, the goods remain quality and cheap.