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Tableware Exporter in Indonesia

Tableware is the object or goods are easily crushed and broken like plates, cups, vases or other. Many of which were used for kitchen equipment and home needs. a distributor, exporter of Indonesia who sells glassware. If you need glassware, indotrading meet the needs anda. Please visit to more fully the issue price and tableware.
Table Decoration and Accessories

PackagedItems packed in boxes:Contents1 box4Pcs1:44square metersSqmweight30Kg1Pallet36DusPlease specifytypeTravertinoBianco,CremaTravertnino,TravertinoandGialloGrigioBoticino

  • Price : $60.00
  • Min Order : 500
  • Brand : indogress
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Toko Megah Keramik
Banten , Kota Tangerang

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