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Sugar is one of the main commodities in public trading. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that is used as an energy source for our body. It is commonly white crystals, but some are brown. The process of making sugar is through the extraction stage (extortion), then the purification is performed using distillation process.

The varieties of sugar are brown sugar, cane sugar and beet sugar. Brown sugar is sugar that is produced from the essences of sugar palm tree family. While cane sugar is shaped like crystal grains, after the refining process of cane sugar, bleaching process is carried out using sulfur dioxide. The varieties of cane sugar are granulated sugar, coarse granulated sugar, caster sugar, and powdered sugar. Granulated sugar is usually used as sweetener for drinks, cakes and foods. Caster sugar for sweetening cookie dough, while powdered sugar usually used for topping the cake. In You can find the distributors, suppliers and agents who sell the quality sugar products in Indonesia. In addition, you can obtain a low price offers by contacting distributors and suppliers directly through the contacts available in

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Coconut sugar is made from coconut sap, a sweet liquid from coconut plant. The sap then become liquid coconut sugar. Heating and boiling process will evaporate the water so the liquid become solid coconut sugar. Coconut sugar contains mineral like zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, short chain fatty acid, polyphenols and antioxidants. Coconut sug

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  • Price : $4.00
  • Min Order : 1000
  • Brand : gcm coconut sugar
Jakarta , Jakarta Timur

Thailand Refined sugar ICUMSA 45: R1Polarization 20 ° c: 99.80 ° MinimumSulphated Ash COntent: 0.04% Maximum by weightMoisture: 0.04% Maximum by weightMagnetic Particles: mg/kg 4Solubility: 100% Dry & Free FlowingFine Granulometry: StandardICUMSA: 45 Icumsa attenuation index Color units (Method # 10-1978) Max as: 1 PPMColor: White BriliantReduc

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  • Price : Rp11.800
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  • Brand : mitra phol
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Nangroe Aceh Darussalam , Pidie

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HistoryCoconut Sugar is a light brown to reddish brown crystalline sugar created from the sap collected from blossom steam of the coconut palm tree quckly, it has become a popular natural sweetener in recent years becouse of its particularly low glysemic index (GI) as well as nutrient rich pofile. Also referred to u.s. palm sugar or coconut sugar t

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  • Price : $2.00
  • Min Order : 200
  • Brand : gulafit
Yogyakarta , Kulon Progo
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