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Silk fabric is woven from natural protein fibers. Silk thread is produced by silkworms which are reared in caterpillar farms called serikultur. Silk has a smooth, soft and slippery texture. The softness of silk is caused by the amino acids in silk fibers. Silk has a lower density than cotton, nylon, or wool. It also can absorb moistures getting wet. 

Silk can be made with or without using weaving machine. Silk that produced without using machine has a slightly rough texture, thick and easily crumpled. However, this type of silk is more expensive. Meanwhile, by using the machine will produce a soft, smooth and tigh fabrics, but cheaper than the one without using machine. In You can find the distributors, suppliers and agents who sell the quality silk product. In addition, you can obtain a low price offers by contacting distributors and suppliers directly through the contacts available in


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