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Rattan Cabinets

Rattan Cabinets Exporter in Indonesia

Cupboard is one of the furniture products which are usually relatively large sized which can be used to store a variety of goods. As the time goes on, making cabinets were not exclusive of wood but now using some more popular materials, such as rattan. It can be concluded that the rattan cupboard is a cupboard made of rattan.

Rattan furniture today became more and more popular because it can give the natural impression and the distinctive character of rattan which is unique and jointed can make your home more attractive. The rattan cupboard is available in Indotrading.com. Quality product at low prices can immediately be yours. You can meet and transact directly with suppliers and distributors who sell these products through the contacts listed in Indotrading.com.
Rattan Cabinets

Dimension is : 400x350x1100 mm

  • Price : $50.00
  • Min Order : 100
  • Brand : sfg
Response Rate :
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Seller :
PT Surya Furniturindo Gemilang
Jawa Timur , Surabaya
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