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Export Live Tropical Fish Wholesale Indonesia

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Product Specification Export Live Tropical Fish Wholesale Indonesia

We Are Exporter Of Tropical Fish And Ornamental Fish From Indonesia. We Provide Many Different Types Of Ornamental Fish And Tropical Fish That Are Very Popular In The World.

We Have A Relationship Of Cooperation With A Lot Of Breeders And Suppliers Of Fish.
Our Fish Such Us: Arowana, Gold Fish, Betta Fish, Cichlid, Tetra Fish, Barb Fish, Angel Fish, Clown Fish, Guupy, Gurami, Molly, Platy, Predator Fish, Sword Tail, Catfish, Shark Tail Fish.

We Have A Procedure For The Quality Of A High Standard. We Guarantee The Quality Of The Fish In Good Health And A Good Quality When You Receive Them.

Of Course We Will Give You The Best Prices, Competitive And Reasonable.

Contact Us For Detail Product And Price List

Email: Info@Ofishstore.Com Or Sales@Ofishstore.Com

Phone:        +62 856-3514-308

Whatsapp:  +62 888-3539-564

Bbm Pin:     7D08b937

Visit Our Website: Http://Ofishstore.Com

Price Export Live Tropical Fish Wholesale Indonesia

We are supplier of ornamental fish and tropical fish from Indonesia. We offer large amounts of tropical fish supplies and superior quality, with competitive rates.

We have a relationship of cooperation with a lot of breeders and suppliers of fish. our fish such us: arowana, gold fish, discus, betta fish, cichlid, tetra fish, barb fish, angel fish, clown fish, guppy, gurami, molly, platy, predator fish, sword tail, catfish, shark tail fish, etc.

We have a procedure for the quality of a high standard. We guarantee the quality of the fish in good health and a good quality when you receive them. Guarantee our fish replace DOA 100%.

Contact us.
Email: info@ofishstore.com, sales@ofishstore.com
Mobile: +62 856-3514-308
Whatsapp: +62 888-3539-564
BBM PIN: 7D08B937

website: http://ofishstore.com/

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