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Export Kopi Luwak Exclusive Indonesia

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Product Specification Export Kopi Luwak Exclusive Indonesia

  • Netto 1 Kg
  • 100% Pure Kopi Luwak Powder
  • Special Roasting
  • Packaging With Sachet Alumunium Foil, Bark Box And Special Bag From Bark

Price Export Kopi Luwak Exclusive Indonesia

Just short brief about our company, West Borneo Indonesia is a company engaged in manufacturing and trading, we are the best products with the civet coffee brand "West Borneo Coffee". west borneo coffee beans using raw materials derived from natural fermentation of wild civet in the jungle west kalimantan - indonesia, consuming the best selection of coffee beans in the coffee plantations around their habitat. West Borneo Coffee, though traditionally to produce coffee powder which has a special taste.

Since the last 2 years we have conducted research to find the best processing methods to produce special civet coffee, up until now we have been marketing our products in the classy places, such as five-star hotels in Indonesia and golf clubs including jakarta golf club royale, Emeralda Golf & country club, golf course Cikarang, etc.

Our products are well recognized by our repeat customer as to the high number of repeat guests who use our products.

We Sell
  • Kopi Luwak
  • Liar
  • Luwak Kopi
  • Kopiluwakliar
  • Kopiluwak
  • Westborneocoffee

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Jl. Tanjung Raya II Gg. Taman Siswa No. 23 Pontianak-Kalimantan Barat Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat - Indonesia