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Export Beautiful Natural Wood Flooring Indonesia

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Product Specification Export Beautiful Natural Wood Flooring Indonesia

Serving Reservations Merbau Wood Flooring And Its Installation.

Please Hub. Our Right To Get The Desired Price. Nego

Tel: 082113213142 (Jakarta - Bekasi)

Price Export Beautiful Natural Wood Flooring Indonesia

: Rp500.000
Primary Cv.Indo

Overview About Us .

Vision & Mission

Become A Distributor Education Props ] The Trusted With Fast Services Prioritize

Mission :
1 . Always Innovating To Improve The Product .
2 . Increase Consumer Confidence Will Products .
3 . Strengthens Marketing System With Values ​​Honesty And Economical .

Corporate Culture
Working Principle This Company Has To Do Everything Its Activity Is,
1 . Motivation
Always Working To Achieve Vision Company .
2 . Innovative
Always Trying To Renew More Qualified Products .
3 . Leadership
Instilling Leadership Values ​​To All Members Of The Company For More Animating Concept Headed And Lead .
4 . Economical
Always Trying To Remain Economic Value Products With Best Quality .
5 . Dedication
Participate Actively In Indonesia Promoting Genuine Products .

Corporate Commitment

Primary Cv.Indo Always Committed To Provide Best Quality Products For All Consumers . By The Way :

1 . Berkualitaas Products
2 . Halal Products
3 . Genuine Indonesia

Business Partners
 Professionalism : We Always Berkotmitmen In Business Relationships And The Mutually Beneficial Relationship Such Equivalents So Intertwined Professionally Between Business Partners .
 Quality Standards : We Are Always Trying To Maintain And Improve Product Quality So Able Accepted By All Circles .
 Global : We Establish Cooperation Between All Business Partners We Both Locally And Internationally To Improve Product Quality Quality Raw Material With Keeping Up With The Production Process Of International Standards .

Want Cv.Indopratama Actively Promoting Products And Contributing In Indonesia Specifically Various Educational Aids . Always Berkotmitmen And Maintain Quality Thus Acceptable Products By All Walks Of Life And All Age Groups .
By Because That We Always Wanted General Discussion From Around The Building Consumer Demi Cv.Indopratama Progress .
Email Us : Indopratama90@Yahoo.Co.Id

Thank You
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