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Plastic Products

Plastic Products Exporter in Indonesia

Plastic products are all the objects in the form of the plastic / not easily broken. Plastic products used in cups, plates, tubs plastic benches, as well as children's toys. Is a necessity for the mother and child in shatterproof plastic products. Karna used to eat, drink, store baking and other kitchen tools in the form of plastic. With higher quality and quality of the plastic material quality. a distributor, exporter of Indonesia that sells plastic products in the form of cups, plates, bath and kitchen appliance quality yan meet your needs. A variety of plastic products we provide have the quality that was already tested and known to the market.
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Plastic Products

PT Prima Mitra Remindo manufactures brake shoes for vehicles namely prayer wheel brake pad and brake shoe. Our products use non asbestos materials and friendly to the environment. The material is also used by shoes OEM products (ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURE) and the brake shoes made in continental Europe, so that quality and performance shoes REM

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