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Plant and Animal Oil

Plant and Animal Oil Exporter in Indonesia

Oil can be interpreted as an organic liquid which can not dissolved or mixed with water. Oil can only be dissolved by an organic solvent. Pure oil produced by processing through a separation (distillation) of the residual materials, then continued with cooling process (condensation). Oils based on materials can be classified into three types, namely vegetable oils, animal oil and petroleum. Vegetable oil is oil produced from plants, animal oil is produced from animal and petroleum is the result of the mining process. 
Several examples of vegetable oil and their benefits are coconut oil for cooking and olive oil for health and beauty. While example of animal oil is fish oil that has good benefits for brain, and animal oil also usually used to produce candles. has a supplier and distributor of vegetable and animal oils with low price and good quality. Give your best deals on your choice of supplier and distributor of contact numbers available in
Plant and Animal Oil

We Produce at least 20.000 Metricton a month with spesification: Moisture, AR: 12.66% Fat Content: 7.23% Ash content: 4.90% Calories: 4934 Kcal/kg

  • Price : $70.00
  • Min Order : 10000
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CV. Silika Agung
Sulawesi Tenggara , Konawe
Plant and Animal Oil

Clove Leaf OilClove is a slender evergreen tree up to 39ft high. Its bright green leaves stand in pairs on short stalks. The long buds have a rosy-pinkcorolla at the tip; as the corolla fades the calyx turns red. The whole tree is highly aromatic. The spice was introduced into Europe from the fourth to the sixth century. Believed to be native to In

  • Price : $15.00
  • Min Order : 1000
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Seller :
CV. Duta Persada Mandiri
Jawa Timur , Jember
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CV. Ratu Aroma

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