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Kerosene is a liquid hydrocarbon that is colorless and highly flammable. Kerosene is a petroleum-derived products, obtained from distillation of the petroleum steam at temperatures of 205-206 Celsius degrees. Kerosene is usually used for traditional lamp fuel and kerosene stoves.

But nowadays, we are rarely see kerosene for public use because now kerosene is mainly used for jet fuels with higher specifications, and also kerosene RP-1 is burned with liquid oxygen for rocket fuel. Moreover, it turns out that kerosene can to repel insects such as ant colony or a cockroach, it is known from many cockroach repellent which is mixed with kerosene as its components. Are you looking for a seller for kerosene? Indotrading has suppliers, distributors and agents are trusted can help you to solve your problem to get kerosene with the good quality and cheap. Please find a supplier and distributor of your choice and contact by


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