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Pepper is one of the spices plants which has a bitter taste, spicy and can warm the body. Pepper shaped like small grains. It can only grow in tropical areas with adequate annual rainfall. Indonesia is one of the largest exporters of pepper in the world. Pepper is usually used as seasoning for foods. Pepper also has benefits for our health, such as medicine for impotence, rheumatism, malaria, colds and diarrhea. 
There are several types of pepper in markets and usually named according to the skin color of the seeds. The types of pepper are white pepper that produced from an old pepper seeds, black pepper which is produced from pepper seeds that is not too old, red pepper has characteristics taste which are not too spicy and rather sweet. has a supplier and distributor of pappers with a low price and good quality. Give your best deals now to the supplier and distributor of your choice from the contact number available in 


Specifications Product :Black & White PepperCountry Of Origin : IndonesiaDescription : Tersidia In The Form Of Seeds (Seeds), Crushed (Crushed), Powder (Powder), Using A Sterilization Process

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PT Supa Surya Niaga
Jawa Timur , Sidoarjo
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