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Palm sugar, or we usually calls it Brown Sugar, is sugar which produced from the essence of sugar palm tree. Palm sugar processed with very traditional way, they expel the water from flower of male sugar palm tree, then store it inside bamboo cylinder as the container. After few days stored inside the container, it will form some essence that will be cooked on the fireplace. This traditional process will produce the best and original palm sugar.

  Palm sugar has many benefits for human body, for example as energy and power sources, it also has high amount of iron that helps to prevent anemia, improve the blood cirlculation and fix the metabolism process in digestion system, and also to keep the cholesterol level of the body. Not only useful for human body, but it also can be used as natural sweetener for traditional Indonesian culinary, such as cakes and beverages. sells palm sugar with good quality and low price. You can buy products directly from distributors and suppliers via the contact number provided in


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