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Palm seed is the content of fruit use to grow the palm tree. The palm tree is a decoration plant that suits the tropical area, sub-tropical area, higher and lower plain, mountain, seashore, fertile, or even barren land. The palm seed can make us easier to do the seeding of palm plants. In great production scale, seeding using the palm seeds will be more effective than using the palm buds because seeding using palm buds have bigger risk if the application is incorrect.
Palm trees can be used as an embellishment for house or street-side. The palm trees that usually used as embellishment for house are red palm tree and bottle palm tree. While the palm trees that used to beautify the street-side are king, queen, and also bottle palm trees. Are you looking for palm seed breeding? If true, its place in We have the database for reliable suppliers and distributors who sell palm seed. Please contact our suppliers and distributors through


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