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Fiber is one of the main material in textile industries. So the availability and the type of  fibers will determine the outcome of the product. Beside the raw fiber that used for clothing, there are many other fibers that can be used for daily needs. The type of fiber which is commonly used are polyamide / nylon, polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyacrylic, glass fiber, carbon fiber, and metal fiber.

Based on the types of the fiber, it can be used for various needs, such as polyamide is usually used as materials for socks and carpet, polyurethane for clothing and belts, polypropylene for industrial use and sacks, polyacrylic for blankets and fabric wrappings, fiber glass for wrapping electric cables, and the last, metal fiber for ornamental threads. From all those benefits, it seems like textile fibers can be used to create all the products that can fulfill our daily needs. Get the other fiber with the best quality in Indotrading.com, select and order the products you like. Get the cheapest deals from our suppliers and distributors.


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