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Mushroom is a plant shapped like umbrella and does not have chlorophyl which makes it  cannot do the photosynthesis process and obtain the food by taking nutrients from environment or its host. Mushroom is a popular food for people since old days until present days. So the demands for mushroom production is increasing every year, that makes, nowadays, mushroom cultivation has been commercialized.
People say that mushroom is the kind of food that has abundant benefits and highly valued taste. There are some kinds of mushrooms that edible, such as oyster mushrooms, straw mushroom, ear mushrooms, shiitake mushroom and so on. Mushrooms contain protein, carbohydrates, calcium, and other minerals. Believed to cure anemia, as an anti-tumor, to lower bad cholesterol and improve digestion. Do you confuse looking for seller of mushroom? Do not worry, Indotrading have a supplier and distributor of mushrooms with a low price and good quality. Give your best deals now to the supplier and distributor of your choice. 

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