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Instant Food

Instant Food Exporter in Indonesia

Instant food has become very popular today. Most teenagers and workers must be often to consume these foods. Instant food or fast foods are foods that have been processed, so that consumers can enjoy without going through the long cooking process. The youth and workers are enjoy the kind of food that is practical, easy and fastly served because it will not interfere their activities. That is why they love instant food.

There are two kinds of instant foods, the foods that are served in the form of dried food such as coffee, tea, and instant noodles are only need to add hot water to make it ready to consume. And also, there is the type of food that has been cooked so if we want to serve it we just need to heat it, such as nuggets, sausages and so on. The various kinds of instant food you can get from our suppliers and distributors with low prices and quality products. Message and call the contact number on

Instant Food

Vinisi available and Crunchy Juicy Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup. Made from carefully selected ingredients.Contact us for more information.Thank you.

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PT. Medan Tropical Canning & Frozen Industries
Sumatera Utara , Medan
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