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Gloves is a type of clothing that is used on hands, either partially or whole hands. Gloves are usually made of several types of materials eg genuine or synthetic leather, vinyl, latex, kevlar, nylon and others. Gloves from textile materials usually more flexible in terms of color, pattern and style due to the flexibility of the materials. However, the textile materials are not suitable if used for the factory or construction workers because of its low safety levels.

The usefulness of gloves is to protect the user's hand from the surrounding environment, such as for medics it protects against infection and the spread of germs, for riders it protects from exposure of sunlight or dust and also protects from risk of getting injured if accident happened, used for dressing up as a complementary fashion and style, and protects from sharp objects or injuries at work. Indotrading sells the various kinds of gloves from reliable suppliers and distributors. Besides the cheap and affordable prices, quality products are guaranteed. Please contact our Supplier and distributor via


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