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Fresh Vegetables Exporter in Indonesia

Fresh vegetables are foods derived from plants and served while it is still in fresh state. Fresh vegetables can usually be obtained directly from the farm, market or distributors of fresh vegetables. Most people prefer to consume fresh vegetables because its nutrients are more preserved. The characteristics of fresh vegetables is having fresh colored leaves and not withered, the stem is easy to be broken, not slimy, the leaves are intact and not torn, it also still has fresh fragrance. Tuber-grouped vegetables look fresh when the skin is smooth and does not rot. While the flower-shapped vegetables looks fresh if it has bright colors, does not wilt, and does not hollow. 

  Fresh vegetables are very good for our body because it can be used as a counterweight to other heavy food. Through you can find a variety of suppliers and distributors who sell quality and cheap fresh vegetables through contact numbers available in Indotrading.


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