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Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit Exporter in Indonesia

Dried fruit is fresh fruit that is processed through direct sun drying or using a drying to remove water content, but still has the same flavor and aroma. Examples of various kinds of dried fruits such as raisins, dates, apples, bananas, mango and so on. Consuming the dried fruit is very advantageous because beside as an alternative to fresh fruit which is only available when the season arrives, dried fruit also has a longer life so it does not quickly decay.
In the field of health, it contain a benefit that does not lose with fresh fruit that contains of bioactive that maintain a healthy mouth and teeth, polyphenols strengthen bones, and rich in fiber so facilitate the digestive process. So, do not be confused if not available fresh fruit, we can still use dried fruit as the fulfillment of our nutrition. If you need the quality dried fruit at a low price, of course available in Indotrading.com. You can buy a product directly from distributors and suppliers via the contact number provided in Indotrading.com.


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