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Pillowcases is one of textile products that very useful and pupolar, especially among the housewives. Surely they want to give a beautiful and attractive impression in their house. Pillowcase is a fabric cover for the pillow. The purpose is to protect the pillow from dirt, and also giving aesthetic value to the cushion. Usually pillowcases are used for the bed pillow and sofa cushions.

The pillowcases have different and unique designs. Pillowcases tailors always try to make a unique pillowcase with good appearance. The price determined by the design and the fabric used. If the design is simple, the price would be affordable, but if the motif is unique the price might get more expensive. provide various types of pillow case with quality and beautiful design. Please select an pillow case that you like, then contact the supplier and our distributors, get the best offer with the cheapest price.


Specifications Product :Product Name  : Pillow Head With Batik MotifsContents  : Kapok FibreSize  : 60 X 60 X 25 CmPayment L / CTotal  : 5000Pack  : PlasticOrigin Indonesia

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CV. Priskilla
Jawa Tengah , Jepara

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