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Cookies and Biscuits

Cookies and Biscuits Exporter in Indonesia

Biscuits or cookies are a meal or snack that has a crisp taste, because it goes through the roasting process. Biscuit comes from the word "Bis coctus" from the Latin word which means "cooked twice". While in United States, biscuit is popular with name "Cookie" meaning pastries or small cakes which are baked.

Currently biscuits can be found with a variety of flavors and shapes. This makes us more tempted to eat it. In biscuit also contained high level of carbohydrate, so that it can also be used as substitute for bread in our breakfast. Additionally, biscuits or cookies is kind of food suitable for snacks while watching TV, working, to treat guests, or as a gift. Do you want to buy a snack tasty and cheap? Get special sale prices of suppliers and distributors in the category of cookies and biscuits in


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