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Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Beans Exporter in Indonesia

Cocoa beans come from species Theobroma Cacao or cacao tree. The beans are used for production of chocolate and cake ingredients. Cocoa plants are more suitable to be planted in tropical area that has high temperatures and high rainfall. Stages of processing cocoa beans are fermenting, washing, drying, sorting, packaging and storage. There are three types of cocoa trees, those are Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario. 
Cocoa bean is mainly processed into cocoa powder which is usually used to make cakes, ice cream, milk and snacks. Cocoa beans also has benefits for health, it contains antioxidants which can counteract free radicals in the body, phenol to reduce cholesterol in the blood, in addition it also contains high level of magnesium. Do you want to do cocoa beans business? Please contact our distributors and suppliers who sell quality cocoa beans. Get the offers with a cheap price.


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