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Cigarette and Tobacco

Cigarette and Tobacco Exporter in Indonesia

Tobacco is an agricultural product processed from the leaves of plants from genus Nicotiana. It is one of agricultural product which is not included as food commodities, but as plantation commodities. It is not used to be eaten but used as raw material for cigarettes and cigars. Tobacco is included as a product that sensitive in its cultivation, planting location selection, season, weather, and also the way of processing. So from the different place will produce the different quality tobacco as well.
Cigarettes is cylindrical roll of paper filled with shredded tobacco leaves. The chemical substances contained in cigarettes are nicotine, tar, cyanide benzene, cadmium, methanol. Acetylene, formaldehyde, arsenic and carbon monoxide. Find the cigarettes and tobacco product in Indonesia from the reliable suppliers, agents and distributors. Surely they sell the quality products and low prices. Please contact the supplier and distributor that you choose through the contact number in Indotrading.


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