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Charcoal Exporter in Indonesia

Charcoal is one of fuel in the form of black residual filled with impure carbon derived from plants or animals that its water content has been removed. The making process of charcoal is preparing the materials on a fireproof container, then burn it with a little kerosene, then leave it until formed into black lumps (charcoal).
There are some types of charcoal and its own usefulness, eg wood charcoal is usually used for cooking, sawdust charcoal is for fuel or mixture of fertilizer, rice husk charcoal is for fertilizer, coconut shell charcoal is used as material for charcoal briquettes, litter or foliage trash charcoal is used as briquettes, and so on. Indotrading sells various kinds of charcoal from reliable suppliers and distributors. Besides the low prices, quality products is guaranteed. Please contact our Supplier and distributor via


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  • Price : $345.00
  • Min Order : 20
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CV. Silika Agung
Sulawesi Tenggara , Konawe
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