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Batik clothing is a drawn fabric which is a traditional artwork and the typical cultural heritage of Indonesia. It is made by using a particular technique of sketching, that is write and draw using wax on a white fabric material. Batik itself is very useful, especially for people of Java, it is used as the traditional ceremonial clothes, and also for household appliances, for example as tablecloths and curtains. For modern people, batik used as batik cloths, shirts, kimonos, sandals and antique batik bags. 

As the time goes on, batik is no longer impressed as old schooled and traditional cloths, but they are proud using it and introduce it in some modern creations. In fact people, from children to elderly, use it. You can get this Batik with soft and good quality produces in Please select a product, and then contact the supplier and the distributor directly through a phone number available in Get the best offer with the cheapest price today.


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