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Aquarium is the place / space is limited usual condition with water and inhabited by animals such as fish, turtles, squid, octopus etc. Many forms and types of existing aquarium, square, round or a larger size than usual. Aquarium commonly in place in the living room as a decoration and beautify the room.

And usually those of you fans of fish and other aquatic animals, can you get the Aquarium with a unique shape and minimalist fatherly decorate the room and a place for aquatic animals. Aquarium provide direct exporter in Indonesia, quality and leakproof / seeped. Please visit website and immediately make the purchasing request you, because we are a distributor and exporter reliable.

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Ofish Store - Indonesia. We Are Exporter Of Tropical Fish And Ornamental Fish From Indonesia. We Provide Many Different Types Of Ornamental Fish And Tropical Fish That Are Very Popular In The World.We Have A Relationship Of Cooperation With A Lot Of Breeders And Suppliers Of Fish.Our Fish Such Us: Arowana, Gold Fish, Discus, Betta Fish, Cichlid, Te

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